How to Use Shilajit

Shilajit Dosage

Adults Kids Pets
200mg once daily kids don't need to take shilajit 1.5mg per pound of body weight


Liquid Shilajit Resin or Original Shilajit Liquid, Resin, or Original Shilajit Powder Shilajit Resin or Original Shilajit
One drop 1 Rice Grain Size 1/16 Teaspoon 1/16 Teaspoon 1 green pea size
75ml 100gm 0.2 mL 150mg 500mg

Liquid Himalayan Shilajit

  • Use a dropper so comes with a product. The average serving is ternary drops (0.2 mL)
  • The fluid shilajit might also stand performed advise or mixed between a goblet about water, tea and coffee.
  • Take that of the morning yet throughout the epoch once then double daily
  • The average fluid shilajit dimensions is one hundred fifty mg and have to now not overpass 900 mg through day.

The flask regarding liquid shilajit comes including a dropper. Use a dropper after measure iii drops, and so much total is equalize after 0.2mL of melted shilajit as like an average alone attendance size. Liquid shilajit can also remain aged plain so is yet blended including some softened kind of water, tea or coffee.

While people ask proviso such is better in accordance with take shilajit together with goat's milk, such depends over such as you prefer. Mixing shilajit including water is not someone distinct beside agreement it with sweet or some other low-calorie food. The various recipes that thou might also hear touching are in basic terms cultural or dietary preferences. There is no affinity in conformity with the shilajit itself!.

For better digestion, ye can mixing shilajit with you favourite drink. If the absorb concerning choice because ye is a inexperienced tea – then composition it along a green tea.

Soft Resin Himalayan Shilajit

  • Use a measuring spoon and chief of the blandish knife. The average office is joining drops (200mg).
  • The gentle resin may keep performed flat-out or blended between a cup about water, tea and coffee.
  • Take such into the morning then all through the epoch as soon as yet doubly daily
  • Our average smooth resin shilajit dosage is 200mg or now not excel 600 mg per day.

To ensure so much ye uses the right dosage, we include the sure spoon. Kindly uses it in conformity with excuse the traditional single-serving amount. The complete sure spoon (200mg) is an average individual dimension for an adult. If ye don't hold a standardized spoon, thou may also uses a chump regarding a palaver knife where 200mg must stay even in imitation of 4 drops of Shilajit. For higher intentness concerning shilajit, you might also blending it together with water yet every other liquid. Your quencher execute remain hot then cold, but do not early and late boiling and microwave the shilajit.

Solid Himalayan Shilajit

  • Cut the sure shilajit including an protected scoop and scissors. 1/3 greatness over a green twig is respecting 200mg about Shilajit.
  • We recommend the use of Solid Shilajit plain, setting that below the tongue.
  • Take that within the morning or throughout the season except food as soon as or double daily
  • An common dose regarding firm shilajit is 200mg then should not outdo 500mg daily.

Cold strong shilajit is hard, however such will become sticky now it is even hot. Therefore, hold it warm then makes use of an blanketed scoop, scissors or a knife in accordance with fulfill a short cut. You can also additionally usage a hairdryer in imitation of heat that if thou find such is also hard in conformity with cut.

A 200mg attendance altar is amount to two rice grains yet one-third the quantity about a green pea. Put a alone serving volume over raw shilajit among your mouth, then swallow now melted. You do smoke half water and another sherbet correct away. You may additionally also vanish strong shilajit between lotos then bust it as much a liquid. In it case, eke out the individual amount among your smoke yet move about that because of 10-15 seconds.

Standard Shilajit Resin beside Siberia

  • Take an aggregation equals in accordance with ⅓ bulk of green pea (200mg)
  • Resin Shilajit is nicely applicable for prescribe uses as nicely or blended together with drinks
  • Take such in the morning then for the duration of the season except meals as soon as then twice daily

Altai or Siberian shilajit resin is a broadly reachable product. It is a good deal greater low-priced than Himalayan shilajit as like the Altai region has a lower proceding the place Shilajit might also be without difficulty collected. Most over the Shilajit in the market (goo, resin form) comes beside Altay, Siberia. The single-serving aggregate is 200 mg or need to now not outdo 600 mg through day. Please makes use of the taintless metal scoop provided with thy system in accordance with receive shilajit resin out on the jar. In lawsuit you don't hold the perfect metal scoop, you may usage a head yet a butter knife.

Shilajit Powder

  • Use a measured spoon (150mg) yet a catch on powder. The common serving is 150mg (1/16 tsp).
  • Shilajit dust might also stay committed together with low-calorie meals or combined together with liquid
  • Take that of the morning and throughout the age once or double daily
  • The average single office total is 150mg or must not eclipse 400 mg through day.

Powder Shilajit is a main yet baked eliminate made beyond coherent shilajit. It has a higher share over address minerals by attendance than the sordid kinds regarding shilajit. Shilajit Powder has a range about utilizes yet may stay used through adding powder into salad then you tea or aged plain. Please be aware so pure broken shilajit and the dust shilajit between drugs may additionally not remain the equal thing as like these in drugs may additionally hold sordid components then fillers.

How in conformity with Store Shilajit & Does Shilajit Expire?

Temperature: Shilajit can also stand saved at apartment temperature. However, concerning hot days it may also melt; therefore, thou can also preserve such refrigerated. Please be aware up to expectation refrigerated shilajit may additionally flip tougher whilst such is cold, and softer whilst it is warm.

Expiration: As life a mineral meals supplement, it has an expiration persimmon over as regards ternary years from the date regarding manufacture. Shilajit is not expiring by using that time, certainly considering such had been in the mountains for a hundred years. The expiration persimmon is confined through the rack life over packaging. If you bear Shilajit packed within a glass container, thou be able expect such in imitation of final for dense years.

Form: Shilajit is a herbal product, and an accurately extracted some may additionally keep affected/changed by means of habit also below the extraction. Solid is the close steady structure concerning Shilajit; however, such may also turn after keep greater solid then sturdy relying regarding the humidity. Liquid or Resin shilajit will glacial out, so thou can also want in conformity with conjoin a not many drops of luminous water in conformity with make amends because the moisture evaporation. Pure Powder shilajit may soften returned between a solid. In system to forestall entrance again in imitation of its solid-state, hold the container close yet work no longer leave it in imitation of the heat.

Mixtures: Mixtures together with Himalayan Shilajit may ultimate because much days and also months, relying of the multiplication of the uncooked source. The combos along Siberian Shilajit may additionally turn imperfect into 24 hours. We suggest storing entire shilajit combos refrigerated.

Other Precautions: Liquid Shilajit or Soft Resin is heavier than water or dead solid hence choose store the repository of an honest position. Do not alter the vessel after keep away from leaks. In litigation the hat is stuck to the container, vicinity the box beneath the warm lotus yet afterward attempt in accordance with open that again. Protect shilajit beyond direct sunlight.

How to Use Shilajit & Other Possible Applications

Shilajit is no longer intended in conformity with diagnose, treat, cure yet forestall any disease. The statements made including that website (and some accessory material) hold now not been evaluated with the aid of FDA then not meant according to change the attention and teaching over a physician and other qualified health ponderabil professional.


The standard or the almost positive way of arrival shilajit is coherent yet unmixed. Just vicinity such below the speech and consume it as much a pill. It furnish you including an instantaneous burst of wellness, better attention yet better mood.

Mixed together with Water

What could stand a better starting after the epoch than a goblet over tea/coffee enriched together with the will about shilajit? You perform also Gather it after thy smoothie to perform the almost out on the experience, as whole those raw vitamins would keep absorbed better!

Cream & Tonics

Shilajit has a lots about minerals for stunning skin. It should be thinking over namely a hundred recipes between one, whole assignment in conformity with deliver in regard to the same principle of pores and skin development then vitality. Please observe to that amount shilajit does not vanish well in lubricant or alcohol, hence it wants to stay a lotos whey base. Take 1 section concerning shilajit and mixing it with ternary parts on a cream bad and apply it directly. If ye hold sure then resin shilajit, blending it 50/50 with fair water earlier than agreement that together with a whey yet the use of that over the skin.

Shilajit may additionally decorate the absorption of nutrients, and we advocate using that together together with natural creams or half natural ingredients. For example, a turmeric yet ginger-infused cream because you pores and skin including the summation over shilajit. Green Coffee or Camu Camu cream with shilajit should suffice namely you lawful skincare weapon! Use thy potential yet imagination + shilajit. Make thy butter or in no way petition somebody matter that ye wouldn't eat. For the superior results, try according to prepare a clean whey at somebody single time.

Shampoo & Soap

Dissolve 5gm of shilajit per 16oz over shampoo then liquid soap yet usage it as much per usual. Regular use may also consign thine skin, scalp, nib natural wellbeing.


Shilajit has much substances up to expectation move an indispensable position into the biology over whole lifeforms. It do offer so deep advantages according to thy pets so such does after you. Have you always seen thy dog and cat consuming dirt? They work it because their our bodies beg to reach the Fulvic Acid or minerals instinctively. For the honest dosage, use 1mg of Shilajit by pound regarding body weight. Add it in conformity with their feast yet cloud couple instances a week.


Most shilajit is instituted out of decomposed plants. Every gardener is aware of this is a essential ingredient because living plants. The Fulvic content among Shilajit acts so a catalyst because soil enzymes. The mechanism of assignment works the identical road as much enzymes within the ethnic body. You be able imagine how much excellent both watering or foliar spraying would be. Dilute 150mg regarding Shilajit of a gallon of lotus then utilizes such twice a month.

When Should I Take Shilajit?

You can also bust shilajit before long within the morning, as properly as for the duration of the day. However, half humans might also sense energetic so acceptance such at night time or earlier than going according to bed. We advise taking such alone; however, you may also take such together along a low-calorie meal. If you are doing sports activities and exercise, then the auspicious age after smoke shilajit is at some point of yet afterwards the workout in imitation of help the physique in conformity with recover.

What To Avoid When Using Shilajit

Prescription medication

While shilajit may be taken together including vitamins or sordid natural supplements, ye keep away from the usage of it together with direction capsules so that may also enhance its effect. Please preserve a 1-2 hours hole of prescription medicine then shilajit.

Tap Water

Tap cloud is nearly probably chlorinated. Chlorine is a chemical that appears in imitation of react together with vile molecules quickly. It can structure some toxic resources so combined together with shilajit or ignoble natural supplements. Therefore, as an alternative concerning the usage of faucet water, such is recommended as thou improve distilled, spring, tumble osmosis then lively coal cinder filtered water.


We pace according to sizeable lengths in accordance with hold the herbal molecular bonds into our shilajit. If thou boil/cook an organic product, such desire lose partial of the integral residences as it had between uncooked form. We propose ye now not to expose it after continuous warmness above 165F. You may put on that among a warm tea appropriate earlier than consumption, but function no longer brew, expression then microwave it (and be fond of don't smoke scalding warm tea!).


Taking that together together with potation may additionally origin an unusual effect. It may also action like an electricity bust to that amount wakes ye up. Other times, such may additionally extend the level over potation liquor (being drunk). We work now not endorse adoption the twain together because that won't produce some superb effects! Please smoke responsibly and keep you shilajit because so ye are sober.


Please keep exact so receiving Shilajit with somebody products so may additionally set off an allergic response. Shilajit may additionally hold the potent in accordance with perform the immune rule more sensitive when in the beginning consumed. Stop reception Shilajit if anybody severe allergic reactions occur.

Shilajit Overdose

We are no longer too absolute if shilajit overdosing is feasible as much we work now not hold some documents about anybody life hospitalized beyond acceptance even tons shilajit. According in imitation of studies carried out of the former USSR, at that place were no performed facet consequences too within humans eating on in imitation of 2500 mg a age - however, we work now not assist certain dimension into USA and highly endorse ye DO NOT slave that!

If thou by chance take more than your body needs, such wish be evacuated naturally thru urine. It might also additionally flip you stools among a dead darkish black-brown color. However, to that amount do take place at reasonable doses too.

While it is hard to overdose about Shilajit, that is feasible in conformity with OVERDO IT!

In lousy words, taking Shilajit much times a season then each and every day continuous because a long period may end result among a low-grade clue element overdose. If ye are healthful yet joint thine nutritional requirements (the elderly usually benefit beyond acceptance it continuous as like theirs body needs extra support), do not necessity lots Shilajit for immune support. Symptoms regarding overdoing it include migraines yet pain then can stay cleared by cycling thy complement intake.

Shilajit can also lie used into cycles. Just kind of someone supplement, condition you uses that entire the time, you body may additionally arrive aged after it!

Of course, we do not edit our fixity minerals, but clue minerals are no longer the solely ingredients current among shilajit.