About us

Our company

Outletjoin is a subsidiary company of Al-Mansoor, LLC register in Delaware USA. Outletjoin is authorized exporter of rough, unpolished, precious, semi precious stones & gold jewellery and is also registered with export promotion bureau (Government of Pakistan) & all Pakistan commercial exporters association of rough & unpolished precious and semi precious stones Peshawar, Pakistan.

We provide you with large numbers of category of gemstones for your choice. Our gemstones are sourced directly from the mines of Afghanistan, Pakistan, SriLanka, Brazil, Thailand, Zambia, and Madagascar. Because of our direct source of mines, we are not allowed to enter any intermediates and we pass the price benefit to our customers. Therefore we are able to supply gemstones at very affordable prices compared to any other stone sellers. Customer get gemstones directly from mine therefore our stones are genuinely cheaper than other sellers.

Our company used to import rough directly from the mining companies and would manufacture it in Abbottabad and export to different parts of the world, at excellent growth opportunities.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our team

We have more than 50+ staffs currently that are working on different locations depending on the scope of work. Every person in our company is specializing in a field of their scope.

Our factory & office

The staff at Outletjoin Gems & Minerals is well equipped for pure professional treatment and manufacturing of our gemstones for our valued customers and new clients. We started off with 5 staff members in our company and our team has expanded since then as our products increased.

Precious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones are stones that have a big history and are the big three: Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphires. These three stones are the heart of the Jewellery Industry and most companies rely on these big three for their sales. Rubies are considered the most expensive and the most precious stones because of their color which resembles love. Love is an everlasting emotion that will never change no matter what changes. Emeralds, on the other hand, are the most consumed stone in terms of a carat weight as it is the Green colored gemstone of the Jewellery Industry. Sapphires come in all colors yet 

Blue and Pink are the most liked colors in the market. These colors, Red, Green, Blue, and Pink are the colors that cover the majority of the main colored gemstone market.



Semi Precious Gems.

Here you can see a large collection of Semi Precious Stones that we at Outletjoin and Minerals work with. Here are some brief details about each of the Semi Precious Stones which we work with





Lapis Lazuli




Rhodolite Garnet



Quartz: Crystal, Smoky, Rose, Lemon, and Rutile 

Our Mission is:-

To provide Gemstone at affordable prices to our customers.

Offer the best price to the customer.

Deliver the best service to the customer.

To provide Genuine gemstone to the right people for the right purpose.

To always do this with honesty, integrity, and complete customer satisfaction.