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Genuine Saffron Afghanistan 1000 Gram

3 000,00 $

(3,00 $ Gram)

100% Genuine Saffron. Premier Saffron from Afghanistan.Premier Saffron from Afghanistan.Premium quality saffron from local Afghan farmers. Our product is 100% genuine saffron. Fresh from the latest harvest Super quality as a minimum. Our saffron is grown by and sourced from local farmers in Herat province of Afghanistan, area with ideal conditions for saffron plant. 


Saffron threads/powder gourmet quality - Exquisit Line

Tested in laboratories and certified according to ISO 3632 - 2, we present you the Flora Blossom saffron with a peak crocin value of over 260! After intensive research in the hometown of saffron (Khorasan) we can offer you the elite of the red gold.

The harvest of the Super - Negin, mastered by hand and filtered 3 times, stands out in the first-class quality of the aroma.

Our saffron threads are known for their ruby ​​red texture.

We work with our farmers directly and source from them only highest quality hand picked and traditionally dried saffron strands. Afghan saffron is ideal for your favourite dishes as well as experimenting with new tastes. 

Why "Super - Negin" type saffron ?

Saffron is divided into 3 quality levels:

  • Sargol - standard quality
  • Negin - Superior quality
  • Super Negin - Highest quality in terms of aroma, color strength and smell.

We bring you the world's most precious spice as Top Category 1 Super Negin Ruby Red Persian Saffron Threads; tested according to ISO standard 3632-2.

Scope of delivery: Desired amount of saffron threads or powder of the highest quality "Super - Negin" in a beautiful resealable tin.

Warning: Please do not take saffron in large quantities (max. 1.5 grams per day) and during pregnancy!

(This warning is similar to table salt, parsley or nutmeg etc.)

Store cool and dry!

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